Origin & Purpose

butterfly_istockFounded in 1993, Voltar Systems was created by Gianni Zanetti in Zurich, as a sole proprietorship Software and Knowledge company.

The company is since 2000 located in Jonen, Kanton Aargau/Switzerland and expanded its activities 2006, when additional offices got opened up in Oberwil-Lieli.

The company name reflects our purposes to be energetic and deliver advanced software services. Our aim is to improve quality and productivity by large through applied IT know-how.





Basic Policies


  • Always deliver what is promised
  • Only ethical companies and organizations will be supported  
  • Our main focus is on service - if it takes long days or a weekend filled with work, but is of service to our customer, we will be with it

Philosophy - what matters to us


Improve communication

butterfly hoellmueller cutImproved communication was the starting point for any advance in civilization, or for that fact for a company culture. Whether the roads of the Romans, the railways of the British Empire or the first telephone lines of the Americans, - better connections have caused a remarkable upsurge throughout history. Our web-sites offer interfaces to other sites, databases and into the woof and warp of your company. Any web-site without communication functions and interfaces is a waste of resources.




Beyond technology

fish jumpThe internet is far more a communication network than a technical gadget. Our web-projects are successful because we add human values, such as understanding, aesthetics or affinity, to our software technology.








Function is senior to structure

We are using technology pragamatically, not dogmatically; we are flexible in platforms and programming tools. We are currently using SharePoint, MS-SQL Server, SAP Crystal Solutions, and LAMP (Linux, Apache, mySQL, PHP).


A creative environment to create great software

We are in the fortunate position to work in an aesthetic environment, free of distractions, enabling us to create first class IT solutions to support our customers.


Who we are


Voltar Systems is an IT production company, creating tailor made software for clients in the industrial and service sector.

Our strengths are:

  • Production oriented solutions
  • Efficient and timely completion of projects
  • A thorough understanding of business processes
  • Prompt service and reliable maintenance
  • Careful training and documentations




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 Meet the team

 Gianni Zanetti, Manager and Owner


 Christian Regli, Development


Margrit Zanetti Margrit Zanetti, Reception