Philosophy - what matters to us


Improve communication

butterfly hoellmueller cutImproved communication was the starting point for any advance in civilization, or for that fact for a company culture. Whether the roads of the Romans, the railways of the British Empire or the first telephone lines of the Americans, - better connections have caused a remarkable upsurge throughout history. Our web-sites offer interfaces to other sites, databases and into the woof and warp of your company. Any web-site without communication functions and interfaces is a waste of resources.




Beyond technology

fish jumpThe internet is far more a communication network than a technical gadget. Our web-projects are successful because we add human values, such as understanding, aesthetics or affinity, to our software technology.








Function is senior to structure

We are using technology pragamatically, not dogmatically; we are flexible in platforms and programming tools. We are currently using SharePoint, MS-SQL Server, SAP Crystal Solutions, and LAMP (Linux, Apache, mySQL, PHP).