Did it ever happen to you that you got tired of copy & pasting content of e-mails of your external suppliers or even business partners into your Excel or convert it arduously for your own IT Systems?

You might be interested to have a look at the interfaces that are possible to improve communication between business partners.

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Collaborating on files is a business necessity. Most file collaboration is done by e-mail, which is inefficient and non-secure. Enterprise collaboration and document management systems can be expensive, and difficult to implement. Voltar is using Microsoft SharePoint to the hilt, a platform that is a simple and focuses on the core issue of file collaboration without adding confusing, complex, seldom-used capabilities.


Voltar SharePoint provides the means to securely store, access, distribute and collaborate on a set of files over the Internet. All files are stored in a central location, ensuring that users always have the most current version. Single location storage also eliminates the problem of multiple copies inherent in e-mailing files. Manually integrating edits from multiple content contributors becomes a thing of the past.